Earth Day Gift

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We help you start your EcoBusiness, in the Canary Islands
You bring a 3,000€* EcoInvestment & we bring ... 
A) a mini-house (DomoHobbit type) in a beautiful place, in Nature, which you can watch being built from the start, if you wish; 
B) we enroll you on a year-long course + personal mentoring programme for creating, managing & developing your eco-business (cost of 1,000€ included, the Advanced Integral Permaculture Certificate) & we support you in the commercializing of it; 
C) when you finish you will have a share of 2,000€ which you can then sell if you wish (this is the exceptional gift from us to celebrate Earth Day); 
D) the residential living expenses will be of 300€ per month all inclusive (living, water, electricity, food from the farm, internet connexion, telephone, use of communal structures & tools) 
E) & at the end of the year incubation period you will have the option of taking your eco-business to another place (which we can help you prepare during the incubation) or become part of a developing EcoVillage where you will have lived during this time. 

* If you don't have the 3,000€ to invest at the start, we can help you achieve it (with crowd-funding, during your first 2 months of preparation)


How it Works

We have limited places & there is a selection process in 3 steps with a month trial period: 

1) You send us your Curriculum with a Letter of Introduction to tell us how you think of making good use of this opportunity. 

2) We invite you to a First Informal Interview: we talk by Skype or telephone to get to know each other better, you tell us more of your path & vision for the future, we explain in more detail how the programme works & we answer all your questions. 

3) If after the interview we think that you could make very good use of the programme, we invite you to enroll on the first step of the course, an Introduction to Integral PermaCulture of 1 month's duration, & cost of 142€.    During this first month we assess in detail your abilities, training needs, your business ideas, & we explore together various options.

After the month trial

a) If after a month we see that there are better opportunities for you elsewhere, if you have some special need we cannot serve, or we think this experience would not be of maximal benefit for all involved, you will have achieved a Certificate of Introduction to Integral PermaCulture, & have a month of mentoring under your belt, for your future eco-business career.

b) if we decide the project is good & we have a good assessment of the possibilities of success of your eco-business, then we start to prepare your little house on receiving the rest of the 3,000€ of your eco-investment (2,858€) & we keep developing the business project & your training for another month, preparing your arrival to the site.
Then we continue for 10 months to support the development of your eco-business in the Palmeran country-side, with the support of all of the infrastructure of the embryonic eco-village.

We decided we wanted to do something for Earth Day that was more 
special & holistic than just the lovely day event we shared with friends,
with something very practical that would help unemployed people & future friends
(we were in the middle of the first EcoNova Confrences at the time)
and the eco-village in formation that we stewart, something which would
really be a positive step toward ...

1) re-creating healthy ecosystems, the homes of other species (Art)
2) fighting climate-change, at the root causes level (Science)
3) counter-acting pollution, in all its forms (Community)
4) creating the best kind of employment, small eco-businesses (Justice)

So we're offering this big resource to people are:
a) passionate about earth-restoration
b) unemployed or looking to set up their own business
c) very adventurous, open & willing to learn - especially about themselves
d) and can fund their first step: we'll help with the rest

We have a great place & support-system to potentially incubate several mini-eco-businesses you can see under the Self-Employed section in this web, which are easily transferrable to other places.

You do need to be, however, a very special kind of person for us to consider investing in you in a major way, which is why we'll spend a whole 2 months assessing the likely-hood of success of your eco-business, before starting on site.   

90% of new businesses of any kind fail, often from defeatist attitudes & self-boicotting patterns, or simply because people aren't prepared to give 200% to the job, or don't have the information or basic infrastructure to do this well.  Here we provide the information & the infrastructure, & help you figure out as quickly as possible if you have the focusing capacity & passion to do this successfully.  The rest is up to you!  

If you want to help spread the good news 
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An Earth Day Gift

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