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EcoVillage Shares

Date of entry
Updated Apr 2013

Job Title

Ecovillage Shares

Selling shares for a new ecovillage, matching up the right people with their dream   


Work from home   

Start when you like 

Job Description

We are setting up an exciting new permaculture EcoVillage in the Canary Islands & need lots of help in finding the lucky people who will be pioneers in this new adventure.

You will work under your own initiative & in any way you wish in order to advertise the opportunities available either via the web, by word of mouth, leafleting your area, putting ads in papers, writing articles in magazines ... any or all of these.

Person Requirements

Good communication abilities are helpful, as is administration experience, computer skills but mostly we require able self-starters with lots of initiative.

Lots of enthusiasm and a real appreciation for what a great opportunity this is and a passion for joining people up is probably much more important than experience.

Payment / Compensation

This is a commission-only job, & you will be self-employed.

The share-holders we want you to help us find will need to invest 20,000euros in buying a share

or multiples of 2,000euros in buying holiday shares (depends how many months per year they wish to live on site, eg. 4,000euros would be 2 months, 6,000e 3mths, etc.).

We will pay you 10% commission on each sale,

that is 2,000euros in case of finding a share-holder for the eco-village,

and 200euros for each month of holiday-share sold.


You will be self-employed but working in partnership with the Associación Gaia Tasiri, initiators of this EcoVillage project.

our web is www.8thLife.net   (www.8thLife.org in spanish, if you are bilingual you are welcome to work in both languages & double the range for yourself: we actually prefer fluent spanish-speakers in the eco-village, as it's based in Spain)

How to apply

To apply for this job please send your CV with introduction email saying

* why you are interested in this job
* how you fit the person specification
* what initial ideas you have on how to sell the shares

to  stella (at) finca-luna (dot) com

Contact details

The person who will support you in this work is Stella, the coordinator of the project, you can contact her via email on  stella (at) finca-luna (dot) com

or you are welcome to phone her for more information on  (0034) 697 590 185   or by skype  "StefaniaStrega"

Additional Information

There is a basic investors prospectus in English up on this web: www.8thLife.net

You would of course need to familiarize yourself with the contents of that web & understand very well the kinds of people we are looking for: most people aren't suitable for this project, we need pioneering, very mature & dedicated people as we are just starting, and of course they would need to sincerely share our ethics.

Please note that any shares sold via our own efforts or those of people who were not previously known to us as working on this, will mean the commission charges will go to the Association as a donation.  

So we encourage you to make a formal application before embarking on this work, unless you are happy to volunteer for the Association.

We will give the necessary personal training by skype & email to the applicants we accept and ongoing skype support should they require it.

We are keen to start as soon as possible to welcome people to the new EcoVillage and we are extremely busy, so we would prefer dynamic self-starters who can start right away and work quickly.

Thank you for your interest in this job
and for being
an evolutionary butterfly