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Farming Consultant

Date of entry
28 jan 2011
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Job Title

Organic Gardening and Farming Consultant


US Nationwide Consultations
Pioneer in organic Jay North   

Jay and crew does the work, we are based in Ojai CA, Ventura county

Job Description

Organic Farming Consultation and Installations
Statewide Service
Have over 40 years in the organic industry, authored four books on the subject

Think the economy is bad now? Just wait until you see the next collapse, verified by 100’s of professional economy forecasters, we are in a mess…

Best to get prepared now and start a commercial or non commercial organic farm or garden
We have the crew for installations
Wholesale plants and seeds
Open to permanent on site management
Manager and crew do not drink or use drugs
Plenty of l references

Person Requirements

have all the experience you need!

Payment / Compensation...

Yes, I get paid  


How to apply

call me

Contact details


Additional Information

Please visit , while you’re there check Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit—purchase today, you will be glad you did. 

Jays Ebooks page scroll down to Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit, hit buy now.

To help save trees your book arrives in PDF format, directly to your inbox.

And call Jay 805-794-9126   

Thankyou for your interest in this job
and for being
an evolutionary butterfly