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Hospitality Manager

Date of entry
Updated Apr 2013

Job Title

Hospitality Manager

An opportunity for someone to set up a synergistic eco-business in a forming EcoVillage by managing the guests that visit the camping site and the creativity festival.


La Palma,

Canary Islands

Job Description

There is a golden opportunity to set up the hospitality-side of a small collective of complementary eco-businesses which will form the economic back-bone of an EcoVillage in formation.

The business will mainly consist in welcoming guests as tourists, people coming on retreats or courses on the farm or managing the activities and people-care for the yearly creativity festival.

Person Requirements

This is an ideal job for a very enterprising person who has a passion for people & hospitality, much personal initiative, an adventurous spirit, a good head for business, loves physical work in the open air & of course would be willing to relocate to a very beautiful location, preferably as member of the forming EcoVillage.

Preferably bilingual in English & Spanish, Integral Permaculture qualifications essential, plus experience in either setting up a business or the hospitality trade or both & very flexible + willing to learn.

As with any start-up business, you will also need some savings in order to start the business, although this would not entail starting from zero as the Association that has been running the farm has already invested considerable resources in all the basic infrastructures, saving you a great deal of time, money, market-research & local traditional as well as the most up-to-date needed knowledge & contacts. 

Single person option can be quite minimalist in terms of investment  (depending on whether they wish to also buy a land-share), and the environment is also well-suited to families, given a larger investment (to buy larger shares of the eco-village that already have houses on them).  

Payment / Compensation...

Most small businesses start up with much voluntary work and some gradually evolve to very profitable.      This one is potentially very profitable especially in terms of a TBL analysis.

Of course exactly how profitable any business becomes and how quickly depends mostly on the personal skills, experience & other inputs from the person/s.   

The outside circumstances for this one are very good (we actively need such a business here in fact, which is why we are advertising this opportunity), and the economic climate although quite uncertain anywhere now, is now most favourable to exactly this kind of initiative.


This is a self-employed start-up business opportunity

working in partnership with other small eco-businesses on site

and supported by the Associación Gaia Tasiri

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity please send your CV with introduction email saying

* why you are interested in this opportunity
* how you fit the person specification
* what initial savings & experience you will bring to the project

to  hola (at) 8thLife (dot) org

Contact details

The person who will support you in this work is Stella, the coordinator of the project, 
you can contact her via email on  hola (at) 8thLife (dot) org

you are also welcome to phone her for more information on  (0034) 697 590 185

Additional Information

You will be fully responsible for all of the hospitality side of things but able to rely on high-quality support and local expertise in setting up the details, as there are people who have lived on site for over 10yrs you will be able to draw on for expertise & support, as well as many local contacts with many more decades of the same.

The EcoVillage aims to be (as well as a community & beautiful & healthy place to live) a small eco-business nursery where synergistic eco-businesses can thrive & grow within a safety-net of mutual help.

The business can be a stand-alone investment or be combined with buying a share of the farm (either immediately or gradually) where it will be based. 

See for EcoVillage information

The previous local experience and work to date of the Association make this a much lower-risk start-up than any other equivalent effort, but of course all new businesses are risky propositions.

All basic training will be supplied through the GaiaSis Programme that we run in conjunction with the NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy (the first part on-line, then on site) but you will already have considerable drive or experience at least in one of the areas required.

In terms of existing resources, there is very beautiful land available which has already been used periodically as an ecological camping site amongst the young forest gardens, which can only get more beautiful with time.  

All basic facilities are in place (see EcoVillage specs on, but need improving, and we have had groups of people stay for several months who were generally happy with the place, even though there has not been anyone giving good attention to this area - much improvement is possible & there is a lot of scope for individual creative input.

We have also run a small Creativity Festival pilot over several years which could be important for the local economy if developed, and this could be a very profitable add-on to this business.

Thank you for your interest in this job
and for being
an evolutionary butterfly