Voluntary Work

In this section we will be adding voluntary placements.

And here are a few good reasons for volunteering:

1) It is a way of gaining experience, especially for someone who wants to change careers, isn't old enough to get a paying job or for someone who can't find a job because they don't have any experience.

2) Volunteer work can provide references for employment, ideas & experience for self-employment as well as good contacts in an area that might be new for you

3) Volunteer work can help show what kind of employee the person will be - are they reliable? friendly? able to do the work expected of them? Etc.

4) Volunteer work shows that a person cares about others, that you are resourceful, that you are passionate about something, that you don't just move when there is a physical or clear reward - that you are pro-active.

5) It is an easy way to have a completely new adventure - you can volunteer to jump into a field you don't know anything about, to visit places you've never been to, and to learn from people you wouldn't normally meet.

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