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Butterfly Admin

Date of entry
17 jan 2011

Job Title

Administrator help for Butterfly Jobs

To help with the research & administration for this site.


Work from home

or wherever you can play on a computer

Job Description

Basically to be a fertilizing butterfly.

To research and add other evolutionary jobs to this site and make it a rich and hopeful resource for people who might be getting pessimistic about the current 'economic crisis'!   

To help evolutionaries find each other, especially those needing help with their businesses and those seeking work.

There are many opportunities out there but we now need to throw the fertile connections and join up the dots now - you will be helping the imaginal cells to join up quicker.  

Person Requirements

Good admin skills, being reliable, trustworthy & being able to commit regular time to the project would be a great start.  

A  great communicator, passionate networker, original thinker and self-starting enterprising individual with solid admin skills who is looking for creative meaningful work would be ideal, as Butterfly Jobs is itself a profitable small business waiting to happen ... in the hands of the right person.

We are advertising this under voluntary positions because it initially will have to be, and also because we wanted to put something under "Voluntary Work" ... although we will aim to pay in local curr whenever possible.

If you are bilingual English-Spanish that would be totally ideal, but not essential.

Payment / Compensation...

Voluntary, with very interesting self-employment prospects for the right person (see above).

We will train serious candidates in the management of this site, and you will be working alongside very dynamic evolutionaries

(who inspire at twenty paces, & that's just their aura  ... so you will have a lot of fun also, if you're into that kind of thing ... )


This is a voluntary position which can turn into a self-employed start-up business opportunity for dynamic enterprising people.

You will be working in partnership with the Asociación Gaia Tasiri

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity please send your CV with introduction email saying

* why you are interested in this opportunity
* how you fit the person specification
* what time, knowledge & experience you will bring to the project

to  hello (at) 8thlife (dot) org

Contact details

The person who will support you in this work is Stella, the coordinator of the project, you can contact her via email on  hello (at) 8thlife (dot) org

you are also welcome to phone her for more information on  (0034) 922 400 133

Additional Information
You will have a big scope to co-create this in any direction or form that inspires you, as well as simply exchange some interesting admin-work for learning how to edit websites and use some cool database software.

We set up Butterfly Jobs because we needed it to advertise all the juicy evolutionary job opportunities we have been slowly creating,  and would love to think even this one can be a potential job for someone.

If you love it it's yours!  And if you just want to give us a hand in your spare time, and maybe help us find the ideal person to run this to a new level, that is also totally fine.

If you love connecting people, playing on computers +  our Butterfly Jobs mantra (below) gives you goosebumps, you are probably perfect for the job!

we are now creating

inside the current

collapsing society

the rational relationships

& structures

that will be there to replace it

once its oppressive structures

have stopped functioning


western post-modern society

is now in a chrysalis


& there are

many, small,


evolutionary butterflies

already at work

from time

fertilizing & beautifying


this Great Transition

into being

join us

Thank you for your interest in this job
and for being
an evolutionary butterfly