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Writers in Sustainability

Date of entry
30 jan 2011
please note we rely on employers letting us know if a vacancy has been filled
so we hope this information is valid but can't guarantee it

Job Title

Writers in sustainability for Eco Blog


From Home

Job Description

We are looing for volunteer writers for our blog in sustainability (www.greenisourgarden.com)

We have a particular interest in how spirituality informs sustainability.

We advertise our website to online and magazine editors to try and promote our writers and the subject matter.    

Person Requirements

Interested in environmental issues   


Payment / Compensation...

Voluntary with the chance of getting paid for articles should an editor want to use them.   


Green is our Garden Blog   

How to apply

write to us through the website   

Contact details

write to us through www.greenisourgarden.com

Thankyou for your interest in this job
and for being
an evolutionary butterfly